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Week 9

Saturday January 05th 2008

This week I haven’t done any film work at all. I´m on holiday in Cape Verde. Currently I´m in a tiny windswept little town called Porta do Sol on the island of St. Andrao, the northernmost and easterenmost island of the group. It´s the edge of the world, or so it seems. From this point is just thousands of miles of the Atlantic Ocean.

The islands are rocky, barren and bleak as well as being wonderfully dramatic. I´m loving it. It´s the first two week long, proper holiday I´ve had for a couple of years. The people are friendly also. I´m  a third of the way through Finnegan´s Wake. I can´t say I am enjoying it as much as his other works. It feels a bit like the first time I read Ulysses. Difficult. Hard going. The intoduction, like everyone I know, says the book is unreadable. It is but I´m a third of the way thtough so that´s not quite true. I´m glad I read it here, on holiday, it wuld be uterly impossible in normal life. I find myself reading and re-reading paragraphs five or six times to get a handle on them or stopping to turn to a dictionary for explanations or for translations on words in one of the 65 languages featured in the book, assuming, of course they actually exit! Like I did with Ulysses, I will have to reread this book. Maybe in 10 years time when I am smarter!

Despite being far away from London and the cutting room, my mind still wanders back to DEP. So much of the footage I have seen, I can´t wait to start cutting. I hope Caroline is working hard on it now and that all is synced up and that she has been able to start the first assembly. We are already 7 weeks behind where we should be and counting. I got lots of lovely new years wishes from the cast and crew amongst other people. Julie´s, of course, was the sweetest! Steve Norris, despite me asking him many weeks ago to never contact me again sent me an MMS. In it was a picture of someone´s arms cut around the wrist. It seemed like they were cut from the back. If it was a call for help he obviously sent it to the wrong person! If not then what was it for??

Anyway, later today is QPR v Chelsea. Come on u R´s!!!

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