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Week 10

January 12th

I am on a small propeller plane heading from the Island of Fogo (Fire) to the main Island of Santiago. Fogo was wonderful, kind of magical, a huge 2900 metre volcano jutting straight out of the sea. It last erupted in 1995 but unfortunately didn’t erupt during my time on the island! My legs are aching a little from the trekking over it and even more so from descending from another crater, “Crater de Paul”, 6 hours down to the sea on San Andrao. Wonderful though. Refreshing.

I’m now two thirds of the way through Joyce’s masterwork. I think I am over the hump. The last couple of chapters have been pure joy to read and have made me think much about language and it’s cultural imperative and how you would do a similar thing in other mediums i.e. film! I have realised that the book is only really unreadable in the same way someone could consider Tarkovsky’s “Mirror” unwatchable. They are not about linear nor actual narrative drama. They are attempting something different.

I got a text message from Neil Harris telling me finally all the rushes are transferred. I am pencilled to spend another day with Caroline next Saturday watching them. I presume they will all be synced up by then.

I am back on Monday and on Tuesday me and Jonnie have a meeting with Chloe Alper who is designing a poster for the film. Then I will try to get a handle on the debts we have and how we will pay them.

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