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Weekly Blog 19 (March 15th)

Jonnie is in the South of France with Stephanie. He hasn’t seen her for a few months and she is now quite advanced in her pregnancy. Meanwhile I am still in rainswept London and another week has gone by. It feels like groundhog day or rather groundhog week.

I still haven’t seen the damn assembly!

The reason now is that Caroline firstly had to do an emergency booking, an on line editor on something she had cut some time ago was ill and she had to fill in for him as the deadline was upon them. She had no choice. That took four days. This should have left three days of course but it turns out that she had a nice little booking for a corporate – yes a corporate!!! – that erased those last three days.

I am livid!

We have done nothing again. No progress. Nothing. And time marches onwards. Caroline and I have had quite an e mail exchange on this. It seems me and Jonnie are cursed by having people working on this film who are not actually there. There’s like a shadow where they should be, an impression in the ground, but they are not there!

The final result of these e mails is that Caroline PROMISES ME that we will make all the schedules and that now we have a rigid one that we need to stick to.

People involved are desperate to move this project forward and keep asking me can they do anything to help. But what can be done? It’s like a bottleneck. Like a traffic jam on the M25.

The arrangement now is that I see the assembly on Wednesday. I’m not holding my breath though. It’s almost certain that an elephant will fall out of the sky and squash the hard drive so that we will have to re-input all the rushes and re-sync them! I wouldn’t be surprised.

Grace has been doing good work on liaising with festivals this week. There are endless forms to fill in well ahead of submission. All that does, though, is make me sad that unless we actually get a move on, we will miss them all. The festivals we are aiming for all have deadlines that before Christmas seemed an age away. Now they seem like they are instantly imminent. Also my worry is that we cannot rush things unduly, like shooting, the editing process is organic. Not something to be rushed.

No news AGAIN from HM customs and excise. They have STILL not responded to the answers to their queries thus the VAT is still not forthcoming yet. A small amount of investment trickled in this week, though. There is also the possibility of some more on the horizon.

Anyway, Lewis Hamilton, who’s unfortunate loss in last years F1 world championship is linked in my memory with the wonderful shoot we were doing in Brittany, is on pole position for tonight’s Australian GP. The race is at 4am. Come on Lewis!

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