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Weekly Blog 18 (March 1st)

Back from Devon and Cornwall without much success but a very pleasant time. Things drag on with the contract just like post production.

On Wednesday I didn’t see the assembly. Caroline was still not ready to show it. The film at the moment is a load of isolated cut scenes that haven’t yet been put together. I managed to see the last of the footage that I hadn’t seen before and also saw many snippets cut together including the climax at the lake which seems to work fine, despite on the day, Jonnie floating rather than sinking!

Hopefully I will see it next Friday. Caroline says she will finish it off at the weekend and early next week and I will see it the end of next week. I hope that is the case as things are getting tighter and tighter. Most films have a rough cut 16 weeks after shooting and we haven’t even got a first assembly yet 18 weeks after!

On Thursday Jonnie and I went out to Bucks Laboratory. They did the processing of the negative. We had to talk about the final deal and also about the post production schedule. This further brought home to me how much time we have spent since the shoot without getting anywhere. It will take three weeks to do the output back onto film which has to be factored into the post production schedule.

On Friday we also saw Neil Harris to talk about the SFX, titles and grading and about the timescale involved in that. Of course the other worry with the grading is that Roger really needs to be available for that so I hope he is.

Before seeing Neil we saw Chloe to talk about the poster and art work. We gave her feedback from Berlin and talked about some different concepts that should be explored. Bizarrely, Grace telephoned some hours after the meeting with similar ideas.

Grace also asked if she could visit the cutting room. Probably the sixth person who has asked this month. The simple answer should have been “What cutting? I’m not cutting! I wish I was cutting! I’m still waiting to cut!”

No news from HM customs and excise. They have not responded to the answers to their queries thus the VAT is still not forthcoming.

Lots of news from our creditors. They want their money!

Soon it will become a full time job ameliorating their claims. Yoram, Grace, Jonnie and I are now actively trying to raise some more money before things get too critical. While the editing process is not progressing very fast, our financial woes are getting worse and worse and worse.

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