AMARANTH (n.) Imaginary unfading flower (from Greek mythology); plant of the genus amaranthus, including love-lies-bleeding; purple colour.AMARANTHINE (adj.) Unfading; purple.In Greek Mythology the amaranth flower never died, never faded; no matter how little light and how little water it received...


The Power

On the 29th July 2011 Paul Hills and Amaranth Film Partners started shooting Paul's fifth feature film "The Power". The film is about Satanism in England. It will wrap on the 26th October 2011. Please go to for more details

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On the 24th September 2007 Paul Hills commenced shooting on the film "Do Elephants Pray?", a spiritual tale of advertising creative lured into a forest by a beautiful French girl. After over two years in post porduction caused by lack of funding the film will premier at the Los Angeles Method Festival at the end of March 2010.

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The Poet was was released to critical acclaim in Germany in November 2003.

The film stars Dougray Scott, Laura Harring, Jurgen Prochnow, Erika Moroszan and Marve Horbiger.

Now available on DVD in
Italy, Spain, Germany & Thailand
and also in France under the name 'Le Dernier Cible' (The Last Target)

Boston Kickout released on DVD in the UK by Columbia Tri-Star, featuring commentary by Paul Hills and John Simm, deleted scenes and 'making of' documentary "Do you really want to wrap here?". Click HERE to buy the DVD

Columbia Tri-Star website

The Frontline released on DVD by Screen Edge in UK and USA, featuring commentary by Paul Hills and deleted scenes, rare stills and interview.

Buy Online HERE

Paul Hills has recently finished a new film. "The Poet", a tragic love story filmed in Austria, Germany and France.

Shooting began in Vienna by the banks of the Danube during August 2002, continuing in Bavaria studios, Munich, in September, followed by Dusseldorf, Cologne, Wuppertal and Paris..

Principal photography finished on October 10th. The picture was locked on the film before Christmas and has now been completed..

Click HERE to view the trailer

The film stars Dougray Scott, Laura Harring, Jurgen Prochnow, Erika Moroszan and Marve Horbiger.

Paul Hills had a haircut on the 17th of August 2002.

Production Pictures are HERE



Amaranth Film Partners was formed in September 1993 to develop and produce Independent feature films. The directors are Paul Hills

Projects to date;


2005 Secrets (13 mins) - production images
Short film about a woman forced to confront her past by a surprise dinner guest.
Made in conjunction with Halyon Films and Wizzo Films.

2002 F2point8 (20 mins) - production images
Erotic comedy short film about a young woman who agrees to let a photographer take some pictures.
Made in conjunction with Provocative Pictures Ltd.
Sales Agent : Dazzle Films
Festivals: Lubianja, HP on line, Sydney, Reading.

2000 Villefranche (9 mins) - production images
Short film about woman's return to her home in the south of France.
Made for Shisiedo Corporation in conjunction with Planete Clair (France) and On the Road Inc.(Japan).
Japanese advertising campaign using footage from the short film broadcast Febraury 2001 - February 2002.

1997 Mad in Tokyo (13mins)
Short about Tedi and Paul's exploits showing Boston Kickout at the Tokyo Film Festival.
Festivals: Austin, HP on line.
U.K. Distributor/Sales Agent: Screen Edge
Released on video in the UK as part of
"Do you really want to wrap here?"

Mad In Tokyo
online at

1995 Lost (12 mins)
Short film about a man summoned back into the tumultous life of his ex-girlfriend by her recent suicide attempt.


2009 Do Elephants Pray? (106 mins) - production images
A spiritual tale of an advertising creative lured into a forest by a beautiful French girl.
Festivals: Los Angeles Method Fest, Indie Spirit, Santa Cruz, Phuket,

Prizes: Best Acting (Julie Dray) Los Angeles Method Fest, Best International Film (Audeince Award) Indie Spirit Film Festival, Best Narrative Feature (Jury Prize) Santa Cruz Film Festival, Silver Palm Mexico Internation Film Festival, Best Film (Audience Award) Phuket Film Festival

1996 Boston Kickout (105mins)
U.K. Distributor: First Independent Films
Sales Agent : The Overseas Filmgroup
Still Pictures
Festivals: San Sebastian (Euskal Media prize, Panorama), London, Waterford, Southampton, Goteborg, Dublin, Prague (Panorama), Houston, Valencia Cinema Jove (competition), Chichester, Edinburgh (BP expo), Oldenberg, Tokyo (competition), Ourense (Panorama), Trondheilm, Cairo (panorama), Bermuda, Helsinki, Haugesund.
Prizes: Best Film, Best Actor (John Simm) - Valencia Cinema Jove. Best Film (Audience award) - Bermuda Film Festival.



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No More Heroes
The Power

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