Boston Kickout - Stills


Rob (Marc Warren) is looking for Mandy outside the school gates (actually Barclays School Stevenage)


Phil (John Simm) works in a bakery


Ted (Andrew Lincoln) is about to crash the car throught the window of a shop


Phil gets told to take care of his Irish cousin


Phil and Shona (Emer McCourt) have a quiet drink. Danny Boyle (director of Trainspotting) later said that this was the best scene in any movie he'd seen in 1996 or 1997


Shona whispers "do you want to come wid me"


Shooting the pub scene at the Discovery pub. Paul Hills (director) and Rosamund Davies (script supervisor) watch Brad (Vincent Phillips) do a rehersal


Pub scene. Shona chats with Rob and Brad


Phil listens to Robs plans for "the job"


Director Paul Hills talks to John Simm while shooting in Ireland


Preparing for the scene of Brad, Rob and Steve heading to do "the job", left to right - Paul Hills, Owen Tucker (key grip), Rosamund Davies, Martin Parry (camera operator)


John (David Aldous) tries to calm the situation


The Wedding. Phil and Matt wonder where Steve is?


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